The Vision of WMCC can be summed up in 4 words- Jesus, Mercy, Family, Authenticity


We believe that Jesus is the reason we are here. His death and burial and resurrection opens the door for us to be brought back into a relationship with God through the forgiveness of our wrongs committed against God and each other.


We believe that Jesus has shown us mercy and as a result we should show the same to other people. We choose to be quick to forgive, aid, and assist other in need because Jesus came to us at the moment we needed Him the most.


We believe that the family is the first church anyone attends. In our families, we learn what is most important and we want our families to be committed to making Jesus the most important thing. Our homes become lights in a dark world where others can meet Jesus for the first time.


We believe that no one should have to hide their weakness, brokenness, mistakes, struggle or questions. You would have to work hard to shock us. We believe the church should be a safe place to be yourself as we seek to become less like our old selves and more like Jesus. Your questions, your frustrations, your old wounds, and your doubts are all welcome because Jesus welcomed us with all of that and more.