West Metro Staff and Elders

Currently all of the West Metro Staff and Elders are Bi-VocationalĀ and our church does not have specific office hours.

Feel free to contact any person listed here and they will get back to you as soon as they can!


Ryan Abernathy, Teaching Pastor/Elder

Email: ryan@westmetro.org

Phone: (405) 203-7509

Rick Neal, Student Pastor/ElderĀ 


Phone: (405) 657-0092

Shelli Selby, Women’s Pastor/Jacob’s Cupboard

Email: mi3sons1@cox.net

Phone: (405) 684-1381

Rob Felt’s, Men’s Pastor/Elder

Email: rob@westmetro.org

Phone: (405) 589-2467

Kelli Duke, Creative Director

Email: kelli@westmetro.org

Phone: (405) 370-0856

Bart Selby, Elder/Jacob’s Cupboard

Email: bart@westmetro.org

Phone: (405) 409-1529

Stephen Gray, Elder

Email: stephen@westmetro.org

Phone: (405) 474-7068

Ron Duke, Elder

Email: ron@westmetro.org

Phone: (405) 370-0858